1. Planning for the First Frost: How to Store Your Summer Gear

    When it's 90 degrees in Phoenixville in October, it can be hard to think about the coming frost. In fact, you're probably still enjoying your patio furniture, not thinking about putting it away for the year. The lilacs are still trying to bloom and just this morning, beautiful blue morning glories were singing to the sun. But while the flowers, and the people, are trying to desperately hold on to …Read More

  2. Ready for Shore Season? Where’s Your Winter Gear?

    After what seemed like the winter that would never end, May brought in above normal temperatures -- at least for a little while-- and it's time for most of us to head to the Shore for some sun and sand. Memorial Day weekend may have been the official opening of the Jersey Shore, but if you still have your winter stuff lying around it can be hard to be ready for summer, sand and surf. Take these la…Read More

  3. Overnight Freeze: It’s Time to Put Away the Grill

    Over the weekend, we saw freeze warnings for Oaks, Phoenixville and Collegeville, so that means just one thing: It's time to put away your grill and outdoor furniture. While the leaves along 422 Spacemall between Oaks and Collegeville are turning gold and red, many of us, me included, have been fighting the coming cold weather and trying to pretend it wasn't on the way. But the freeze warning make…Read More