1. Ready for Shore Season? Where’s Your Winter Gear?

    After what seemed like the winter that would never end, May brought in above normal temperatures -- at least for a little while-- and it's time for most of us to head to the Shore for some sun and sand. Memorial Day weekend may have been the official opening of the Jersey Shore, but if you still have your winter stuff lying around it can be hard to be ready for summer, sand and surf. Take these la…Read More

  2. When Disaster Strikes: What Do I Do?

    No matter where you are in the United States, or maybe in the world, you can face some kind of disaster. Whether it's four Nor'easters in four weeks, flash flooding, hurricanes, or just a broken sewer pipe in your apartment, disasters strike, usually at the worst possible moment. That's probably why we call them disasters. Just today I was speaking with a new tenant who needed storage because of a…Read More

  3. How Much Storage Space Do I Need?

    One of the most frequent questions I hear when people rent a storage unit for the first time is "How much storage space do I need?" There are all kinds of charts and graphics on various self storage websites the claim to tell you exactly what size storage you'll need based on how big your house is or how many boxes you are planning to store, but the truth of the matter is no one really knows. I li…Read More

  4. Choosing a Lock: Best Measures for Storage Unit Security

    Customers don't always think about the lock for their storage unit other than a vague idea that they need to stop and buy one. When we explain that customers must use the locks we provide, and that there is an associated cost, customers sometimes bristle a bit. That's my cue to explain how choosing a lock creates better safety for your storage unit. All locks are not created equal. Many people thi…Read More

  5. Local Storage Options: Why Locally-Owned Beats National Chain

    Finding local storage options can be difficult when the web seems to be dominated by national chains, but a nationally owned chain can't be that bad, right? Well... That depends on what you are looking for in a storage unit. If all you want is a place to hove your stuff, a national storage chain is probably fine. But if you want a storage facility that cares about you and your stuff, you might be …Read More

  6. Five Things to Do Before Renting Storage

    essentials-596fad2442687 When you are considering renting a storage unit, it pays to do your homework. Storage unit pricing can vary wildly depending on the size and amenities you need and the location of the storage unit. If you do these five things before you rent a storage unit, you can save yourself time and money. Purge Even the most affordable storage units can get expensive if you fill them…Read More

  7. What Else to Look for In a Storage Unit

    If you've been reading along, you know that we mentioned security, unit condition and accessibility are top things to look for when you first visit a storage facility, but there are other things that can be almost as important. Friendliness and Availability of Staff It could almost go without saying that customer service should be king in a storage facility that wants your business, but sadly, tha…Read More

  8. What to Look for in a Self Storage Unit

    Thinking of renting a self storage unit? Here's what to look for when you get ready to rent a unit: Security Chances are you wouldn't be paying to store your stuff if you didn't want it to be there and in good condition when you come back for it, so the first thing you should look for in a self storage facility is security. Start by choosing a storage facility that is in a good neighborhood. If th…Read More

  9. Don’t Miss Blobfest in Phoenixville July 14-16

    Three years ago when we first moved to Phoenixville, we did what everyone does, or should do, when moving to a new community: We Googled it. What we found was a delight to our horror-loving hearts. The 1958 movie The Blob features a scene where the monster burst through a movie screen and attacks the people inside the theater. The scene, including the terrified patrons running out of the theater, …Read More

  10. Using a Storage Unit to Plan Your Move

    One of the newer ways that storage customers are using storage units is to help them plan and organize before a move. For people who are planning a move three to six months in the future, renting a storage unit BEFORE the move can be a great way to declutter their home before listing it for sale and to organize the belongings they intend to take to their new home. The process is fairly simple. The…Read More