1. Ready for Spring:Declutter Your Closet In Five Steps

    If you're at all like me, your winter closet is nothing like your summer closet. In the summer, clothes are lighter, thinner and in many cases, much more casual. In the winter, I need bo9ots and scarves and extra sweaters and by February, my closet is a mess. I want to have some lighter weight clothes available for those pop-up warm days, but I still need access to the layers of tights and wool so…Read More

  2. Why Can’t I Store My Car in a Storage Unit At Spacemall?

    Here at Spacemall Storage, we offer indoor car storage and outdoor car parking, but you can't keep you car in a storage unit. We understand the appeal of putting a car in a storage unit. It's a private space where no one else can access or even see you car, unlike our indoor car garages. However, there are a few reasons why it's less than optimal for you and can't be done at 422 Spacemall Storage.…Read More

  3. What to Look for in a Self Storage Unit

    Thinking of renting a self storage unit? Here's what to look for when you get ready to rent a unit: Security Chances are you wouldn't be paying to store your stuff if you didn't want it to be there and in good condition when you come back for it, so the first thing you should look for in a self storage facility is security. Start by choosing a storage facility that is in a good neighborhood. If th…Read More

  4. Best Ways to Organize Your Storage Unit

    The absolute best way to organize your storage unit depends on what exactly you are storing, but here are some tips that an help you make the most of your storage and help keep it safe. Store Larger Items to One Side or At the Back If you have furniture to store, putting it into the unit first can help you on several levels. First, the big pieces are the ones that will be the hardest to make fit. …Read More

  5. Navy Veteran Living In Denver Storage Unit

    According to news reports, a Denver veteran has spent the last two years living in a climate controlled storage space there. In fact, the report from Denver's KMGH says that there are at least three people living out of the storage facility where Chris Cline and his dog spend their days. Though what Cline is doing is illegal, and is problematic for the storage company because of the legal risks an…Read More

  6. What Questions Should You Ask When Renting a Self-Storage Unit

    If you've never had a storage unit before, knowing all the questions that you should ask can be difficult. So here's a little primer on things you should ask your storage facility. If you don't like the answers, or they can't answer them, you might want to find a new facility. What security precautions do you have in place? Sure, your storage unit has a lock on it, but what kind of lock is it? Is …Read More

  7. When Should I Rent a Storage Unit?

    Deciding to get a storage unit is often something people do because they have no choice, like their house isn't finished and all their stuff won't fit into their temporary apartment. Or, the lease on one apartment ends a week before the new one starts. For those storage customers, the question of if or when they should rent a storage unit is an easy answer: Yes and now. But what if you aren't sure…Read More

  8. How Does a Self-Storage Facility Work?

    Sometimes when you've never used a service, you might not know how it works. But if you're like me, asking seems silly, so you just avoid using that service. Since we know that, we thought we'd give you a short tutorial on self-storage facilities and how they work. How long do I have to stay? Most storage facilities have a lease that tells you all the basic rules of storing things there. It will t…Read More

  9. Make Room for Holiday Visitors with a Self Storage Unit

    While the winter season is exciting with the upcoming holidays and family gatherings, it can also be very stressful. If you have been tasked with hosting Thanksgiving dinner or are providing a room for your in-laws, even a large home can quickly become too small of a space. For most of the year, your guest room might actually be your home office or even a child’s old bedroom, but visitors, even …Read More


    Because winter clothing is so much bulkier than summer clothing, most people do not consider a self storage unit for their summer wardrobe. However, once the snow starts falling, there’s not much need for shorts or T shirts, not to mention swimsuits and beach towels. Additionally, the winter holidays often include lots of decorating, and putting warm weather items in storage for the winter can h…Read More