1. How Much Storage Space Do I Need?

    One of the most frequent questions I hear when people rent a storage unit for the first time is "How much storage space do I need?" There are all kinds of charts and graphics on various self storage websites the claim to tell you exactly what size storage you'll need based on how big your house is or how many boxes you are planning to store, but the truth of the matter is no one really knows. I li…Read More

  2. DIY Closet Improvement for Better Storage

    Sometimes when you move into a new house, or even when you live in the same one for years, you know that the closet could use a makeover. Maybe it is too small for what you need or just not well divided for your usage. Whatever the reason, when you are ready, a do-it-yourself closet makeover is a great way to improve you storage and organization. In our case, the manufactured home we live in had o…Read More