1. Planning Your Summer Storage: Don’t Sell It, Store It!

    As the sun starts to shine for the spring, it can be tempting to clear ago the garage, basement or even the living room with a huge yard sale. But before you sell off your stuff for pennies on the dollar, it's time to ask yourself some questions. Will I need it again? There are some things that actually belong in storage. Your winter sports gear, your luggage and Christmas decorations can all be f…Read More

  2. Ready for Spring:Declutter Your Closet In Five Steps

    If you're at all like me, your winter closet is nothing like your summer closet. In the summer, clothes are lighter, thinner and in many cases, much more casual. In the winter, I need bo9ots and scarves and extra sweaters and by February, my closet is a mess. I want to have some lighter weight clothes available for those pop-up warm days, but I still need access to the layers of tights and wool so…Read More

  3. Celebrate the Holiday Weekend with Spring Cleaning!

    We have sort of a weird holiday tradition at our house. Almost every major holiday, especially if they come with an extra day off, includes some big cleaning project. Maybe it's cleaning out a closet or maybe reorganizing the bathroom, but with no family nearby locally, we find that holidays are a great time to steal a few minutes out of our normal lives and get some cleaning done. On the agenda t…Read More

  4. Five Types of Clutter to Get Rid of Today

    One of the reasons many people need storage units is because they simply have too much stuff. If you're like me, the idea of searching the entire house for clutter and removing it can seem overwhelming. Heck, some days I'm not sure I can get the clutter off my desk. But I don't mind it when I tackle one thing, or one area at a time. Spring seems to have sprung, at least for the next couple days so…Read More

  5. Spring Cleaning? Move Your Extra Stuff to Storage

    Now that March is here and the sun is shining (at least for today!), my mind is moving to spring cleaning and organizing. Here at 422 Spacemall Storage in Phoenixville, we're happy to help you keep your stuff more accessible and your house clutter-free with an indoor or outdoor storage unit. One of the key aspects of spring cleaning is getting rid of the winter's clutter that accumulated around th…Read More