1. Ready for Spring:Declutter Your Closet In Five Steps

    If you're at all like me, your winter closet is nothing like your summer closet. In the summer, clothes are lighter, thinner and in many cases, much more casual. In the winter, I need bo9ots and scarves and extra sweaters and by February, my closet is a mess. I want to have some lighter weight clothes available for those pop-up warm days, but I still need access to the layers of tights and wool so…Read More

  2. Back to School Storage?

    For 2017, the solar eclipse visible across most of the country represented the last hurrah of summer as students and parents prepared to head back to school. Some of the teachers I know are already back in the classroom. So did you put storage on your back to school shopping list? You didn't? I know your children's teachers probably didn't remember it, but you might want to think about it. Back to…Read More

  3. Can You Afford NOT to Have a Storage Unit?

    Articles like this one tell people on a regular basis that a storage unit is an unnecessary expense and is contributing to the "clutter" in your life. And that might be true if you are living in a home with lots of space and have storage space in it. But the reality is that buying a bigger home for your children, your spouse and all your stuff is outside of many people's budget. So what do you do …Read More

  4. How Storage helps Your Seasonal Business

    Despite what the groundhog had to say, it won't be long before Rita's and other seasonal businesses start taking down the shutters and preparing for their 2017 opening. Are you ready to open your seasonal business? Spacemall may be able to help! One of the issues facing many seasonal businesses is where to store the things they needs to do business. Whether its chemicals for your pool cleaning bus…Read More