1. Evacuating Ahead of Hurricane Irma: Take Your RV

    With the largest mass evacuation in American history taking place, one of the most encouraging things to see ahead of Hurricane Irma is how various organizations are coming together to make the evacuation easier on their friends and neighbors. Evacuating Florida, or elsewhere on the southern East Coast to avoid the super storm as she comes ashore? Don't worry about finding a camping spot. Talladeg…Read More

  2. Navy Veteran Living In Denver Storage Unit

    According to news reports, a Denver veteran has spent the last two years living in a climate controlled storage space there. In fact, the report from Denver's KMGH says that there are at least three people living out of the storage facility where Chris Cline and his dog spend their days. Though what Cline is doing is illegal, and is problematic for the storage company because of the legal risks an…Read More

  3. Planning a Spring Break RV Camping Trip

    Spring break is right around the corner and with an early spring in much of the country, it may be the perfect time for a family RV camping trip. Here are the things to consider when planning your spring break trip: Choose Your Destination Carefully Even with Pennsylvania days reaching the 60s and 70s in the last week, the nights have been pretty cold. And, really we all want to head south for war…Read More