1. Planning for the First Frost: How to Store Your Summer Gear

    When it's 90 degrees in Phoenixville in October, it can be hard to think about the coming frost. In fact, you're probably still enjoying your patio furniture, not thinking about putting it away for the year. The lilacs are still trying to bloom and just this morning, beautiful blue morning glories were singing to the sun. But while the flowers, and the people, are trying to desperately hold on to …Read More

  2. Celebrate the Holiday Weekend with Spring Cleaning!

    We have sort of a weird holiday tradition at our house. Almost every major holiday, especially if they come with an extra day off, includes some big cleaning project. Maybe it's cleaning out a closet or maybe reorganizing the bathroom, but with no family nearby locally, we find that holidays are a great time to steal a few minutes out of our normal lives and get some cleaning done. On the agenda t…Read More