1. How to respond when flood waters are rising

    Eastern Pennsylvania has taken a beating from the rain this summer and the hits just keep coming. Last month, Hershey Park and Knoebels Amusement Resort faced flash flooding at the height of the summer tourist season, forcing the parks to close and vacation to be changed. Yesterday, the King of Prussia mall was inundated with flash flood waters on the lower level and though the water wasn't deep i…Read More

  2. Disaster in Houston: How You Can Prevent Losing Your Stuff in a Natural Disaster

    As the country is gripped by images of the flooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey and trying to come up with the best ways to aid our friends and neighbors there, evaluating your own preparation for a natural disaster is timely and appropriate. Here at Spacemall Storage in Oaks, we're lucky enough to sit on a ridge and probably not in any immediate danger of flooding. But if you aren't storing …Read More

  3. Emergency Preparedness, Zombies, and Self Storage

    The continuing crisis at the Oroville Dam in California reminds us how quickly Mother Nature can change her mind about the weather. After years of drought, the water came back furious. While the unfolding emergency is a continent away, it serves as a good reminded to be prepared for whatever might come our way. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that every household be able to take…Read More