1. Planning Your Summer Storage: Don’t Sell It, Store It!

    As the sun starts to shine for the spring, it can be tempting to clear ago the garage, basement or even the living room with a huge yard sale. But before you sell off your stuff for pennies on the dollar, it's time to ask yourself some questions. Will I need it again? There are some things that actually belong in storage. Your winter sports gear, your luggage and Christmas decorations can all be f…Read More

  2. When Should I Rent a Storage Unit?

    Deciding to get a storage unit is often something people do because they have no choice, like their house isn't finished and all their stuff won't fit into their temporary apartment. Or, the lease on one apartment ends a week before the new one starts. For those storage customers, the question of if or when they should rent a storage unit is an easy answer: Yes and now. But what if you aren't sure…Read More