1. Why do I need Climate Controlled Storage in Summer?

    When warmer temperatures arrive, so do the customers looking for drive-up storage units. Sometimes, it's to store outside gear, like lawnmowers and motorcycles, so outdoor storage makes perfect sense. But sometimes people are looking to store an entire household. Summer is, after all, the busy season for buying and selling a home.Those folks always seem surprised when I ask them if they've conside…Read More

  2. Ready for Spring:Declutter Your Closet In Five Steps

    If you're at all like me, your winter closet is nothing like your summer closet. In the summer, clothes are lighter, thinner and in many cases, much more casual. In the winter, I need bo9ots and scarves and extra sweaters and by February, my closet is a mess. I want to have some lighter weight clothes available for those pop-up warm days, but I still need access to the layers of tights and wool so…Read More

  3. Mistakes People Make In Hunting For Storage Units

    No one likes to think about the possibility that they made a mistake in hunting for a storage unit, but sadly many people do. Here's a look at the top five mistakes people make and how to avoid them. 1. Making Initial Price Your Determining Factor We get a lot of calls from people who say, "Your competition offers the first month free. Do you do that?" and I almost always answer, "No." For many pe…Read More

  4. Why Would I Want Climate Controlled Storage?

    Like we talked about in our last post, 422 Spacemall in Oaks offers two primary types of storage: climate-controlled and drive up. We previously discussed why you might want drive up storage with the key factors being cost, convenience and accessibility. But what are the circumstances when you might want climate-controlled storage, even if it costs a little more? Moisture Control While not all cli…Read More

  5. Why Would I Want Drive Up Storage?

    At 422 Spacemall Storage, we offer two basic types of storage: drive up and climate-controlled. For people who have never used storage before, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you, so let's take a look at drive up storage and talk about reasons you might select drive up storage. Drive up storage, sometime called outdoor storage, is what most people think of when they imagine storage …Read More

  6. Why Should I Store My Vehicle?

    There are a variety of reasons why people choose to store a car, boat or RV with 422 Spacemall or Spacemall Morgantown. If you've been wondering if Spacemall Storage is right for you, or just driven by and seen our acres of vehicles and wondered why people pay to park here, we have the answer. Homeowners Associations and Township Regulations One of the most common reasons people choose outdoor par…Read More

  7. How Does a Self-Storage Facility Work?

    Sometimes when you've never used a service, you might not know how it works. But if you're like me, asking seems silly, so you just avoid using that service. Since we know that, we thought we'd give you a short tutorial on self-storage facilities and how they work. How long do I have to stay? Most storage facilities have a lease that tells you all the basic rules of storing things there. It will t…Read More