1. Growing Your Business? Spacemall Can Help

    It sometimes surprises people when we tell them that businesses are among our biggest customers. Usually, they'll think about it for a minute or two and say something like, "Oh, you mean the lawn care guys who park their vehicles there?" Sure, that's some of it. We have lots of contractors and lawn care companies who use our self storage facility to store their gear and extra vehicles, but that's …Read More

  2. Can I Just Live in My Storage Unit?

    The high cost of rent, especially in high population areas like the Philadelphia region, has encouraged a lot of people to get creative with small houses and living in small spaces. We even get a few who say something like, "This is really nice. I could just live here" when they look at climate-controlled storage units. While it has never happened at a facility we manage, this video is from a man …Read More

  3. How Does a Self-Storage Facility Work?

    Sometimes when you've never used a service, you might not know how it works. But if you're like me, asking seems silly, so you just avoid using that service. Since we know that, we thought we'd give you a short tutorial on self-storage facilities and how they work. How long do I have to stay? Most storage facilities have a lease that tells you all the basic rules of storing things there. It will t…Read More


    Because winter clothing is so much bulkier than summer clothing, most people do not consider a self storage unit for their summer wardrobe. However, once the snow starts falling, there’s not much need for shorts or T shirts, not to mention swimsuits and beach towels. Additionally, the winter holidays often include lots of decorating, and putting warm weather items in storage for the winter can h…Read More

  5. Our Climate Controlled Storage Units Protect Your Wood Furniture

    Whether you're renovating your home, downsizing, or moving into a new place where you can't take all of your furniture, you might need to put some of your furniture in storage. Our drive up storage units in Oaks offers climate control for your belongings right off Montgomery Avenue. While our spaces are climate controlled, there are still a few things you should do when storing any of your posses…Read More

  6. Preparing Your Motorcycle For Storage

    In honor of national motorcycle week and summer coming to a close, we will be discussing how you can prepare your motorcycle for self storage. Whether you are looking to store your dirtbikes, sport bike, or cruiser, the same advice holds true. So grab your gloves and a wrench, and let's get started. Drain Your Fuel Tank While some people argue that you should fill your tank when storing it, stora…Read More

  7. What Is Climate Controlled Storage?

    Do you have items that you want to stay protected? Antiques, art, instruments, and electronic items will require climate controlled storage. We all assume we know what climate controlled storage, and of course it keeps your property better protected than not having it. But what does climate controlled storage really mean? Temperature Oaks, Pennsylvania, among other places, can get extremely cold d…Read More

  8. De-Clutter Your Home With Self Storage

    It happens to the best of us, we move into a home and start purchasing new things to put in it, next thing we know our house is packed to the brim with stuff. While it can be a great idea to downsize our belongings, there are many things that we just don’t want to part with. Today we will be talking about what to put in a storage unit to keep your house clutter free. At 422 Spacemall in Oaks, Pe…Read More

  9. Storage Units Help With The Loss Of A Love One

    Going through a loved one's home after their passing can be a difficult yet nostalgic time. Flipping through photo books, music collections, and old wardrobes can bring back memories of your loved. Whether you plan to distribute the belongings across your family or need to sell the items in an estate sale, you can buy yourself more time to determine what needs to be done by using a secure storage …Read More