1. Selling Your Classic Car? Spacemall Can Help

    Spacemall Morgantown is partnering with Classic Automall to help you sell your classic car! We understand that navigating the process of selling your classic car and getting the best price for it can be intimidating. You'll need good pictures of the car, a nicely written description and a good advertising strategy to put you classic car in front of people who might want to buy it. And we know that…Read More

  2. How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Storage

    Thinking about storing your summer car for a few months until the salt is gone and the sun is shining? Here are a few things you should do before storing a car inside. Use up the Gas If you ever had a gas-powered lawn mower or other small engine, you know that gasoline doesn't age well. To avoid having to flush the fuel injectors when you bring the car out of storage and to decrease the risks of s…Read More

  3. Why Store Your Car At Spacemall Morgantown?

    Things are starting to get busy at the all new Morgantown Center (formerly the Morgantown Outlet Mall). In the southwest corner of the mall, for example, there's an all new fenced in section for car, boat and RV storage. This weekend, January 14 and 15, Eagle Arms is hosting a gun show there. You can get all those details here and elsewhere inside the old mall, we're storing cars. From muscle cars…Read More

  4. Vehicle Transport Service Now Available

    We finally have a solution for car lovers in Oaks, Phoenixville and Audubon who might be interested in storing their classic car at Spacemall Morgantown, but don't want to add miles to the car by driving it to the facility. Keep the additional miles off your odometer by letting our professional car haulers move the car for you. Spacemall Morgantown customers who live closer to our Oaks facility ca…Read More