1. Why do I need Climate Controlled Storage in Summer?

    When warmer temperatures arrive, so do the customers looking for drive-up storage units. Sometimes, it's to store outside gear, like lawnmowers and motorcycles, so outdoor storage makes perfect sense. But sometimes people are looking to store an entire household. Summer is, after all, the busy season for buying and selling a home.Those folks always seem surprised when I ask them if they've conside…Read More

  2. Collectors Love Our Storage Units

    At 422 Spacemall, we offer storage solutions for people of all walks of life. Over the years, we have encountered many collectors who have gotten the most out of our facilities, helping them to make room for everything at home. Here are a few of the types of collectors we serve: Records It seems hard to fathom today, but people’s music collections used to take up huge amounts of space. Today, vi…Read More

  3. What Is Climate Controlled Storage?

    Do you have items that you want to stay protected? Antiques, art, instruments, and electronic items will require climate controlled storage. We all assume we know what climate controlled storage, and of course it keeps your property better protected than not having it. But what does climate controlled storage really mean? Temperature Oaks, Pennsylvania, among other places, can get extremely cold d…Read More

  4. 4 Ways Storage Units Make Moving Easier

    Moving can be a stressful time. Between selling your old home, finding a new home, and all of the potential problems in between. The good news is that storage units can help take much of the hassle out of your transition. So whether you are coming to Oaks or relocating, 422 Spacemall has you covered. Making Repairs – Over the years your home has probably acquired some wear and tear. Painting…Read More

  5. Storing Winter Clothing

    Even if they don't stay there for long, temperatures are supposed to hit close to 70 degrees this week. Come on Spring! For many of us, that means time to start putting away winter clothing and breaking out the shorts and short sleeves. Winter clothing is bulky and takes up a lot of space, so storing it for the next six months makes perfect sense, especially if you have small closets or limited dr…Read More