1. How Renting a Storage Unit Saves You Money

    There's a fair number of financial advice sites that will tell you that renting a storage unit is a waste of money, but the truth is that renting a storage unit can save you money, if you do it right. How does that monthly fee save you money? You might be surprised. Your storage unit allows you to keep things you only need occasionally. While my house isn't exactly small, I don't have space to sto…Read More

  2. Can I Just Live in My Storage Unit?

    The high cost of rent, especially in high population areas like the Philadelphia region, has encouraged a lot of people to get creative with small houses and living in small spaces. We even get a few who say something like, "This is really nice. I could just live here" when they look at climate-controlled storage units. While it has never happened at a facility we manage, this video is from a man …Read More