1. Car Condo or Automotive Apartment? Whatever You Call it, We Have ‘Em

    To the hobbyist car collector, the one with a daily driver that just needs a home for the winter, indoor car storage like we offer at Spacemall Morgantown is just about perfect. We offer heated storage so the car is protected from the ravages of Old Man Winter in a large space, with each car comfortably parked in its own spot. The garage is accessible with unique pin codes for every person who ent…Read More

  2. After Christmas Storage At Affordable Prices

    Whether it's a new car or just new clothes for the kids, after Christmas storage is almost always a necessity. But if Santa broke the bank coming up with all those presents, how can you afford to store the old stuff? 422 Spacemall Storage has affordable options for storing your stuff! We get that money's tight as you start wondering what the new tax plan means for you and you have all those holida…Read More

  3. Vehicle Storage for Military Members

    When military members are facing deployment to an active combat zone or just to an overseas base, the last thing you might be thinking about is where to keep your car while you are out of country. But as the day of your departure draws closer, keeping your car safe and in good condition until your return can suddenly occur to you. When that happens, we're here to help! Spacemall Storage is happy t…Read More

  4. Why Can’t I Store My Car in a Storage Unit At Spacemall?

    Here at Spacemall Storage, we offer indoor car storage and outdoor car parking, but you can't keep you car in a storage unit. We understand the appeal of putting a car in a storage unit. It's a private space where no one else can access or even see you car, unlike our indoor car garages. However, there are a few reasons why it's less than optimal for you and can't be done at 422 Spacemall Storage.…Read More

  5. Top 20 Muscle Cars Need Indoor Car Storage

    Do you have one of these Top 20 muscle cars or another American classic? Where do you store it? Many car collectors are careful to keep their cars in the garage during the winter months, hoping to keep salt and chemical deicers from damaging the paint or encouraging the development of rust, but what about during the summer months? Do you keep your car as protected as possible? Climate controlled c…Read More

  6. Five Things Worth Paying to Store

    It's not uncommon for finance gurus to tell people that there is never a reason for a storage unit, but there are good reasons to pay for storage when your house is just not quite big enough to keep the things you need. Here are five things worth keeping even if you have to pay to store them. 1. Anything You Will Use Again within 6 Months One of the single most common uses of storage is to have a …Read More

  7. Selling Your Classic Car? Spacemall Can Help

    Spacemall Morgantown is partnering with Classic Automall to help you sell your classic car! We understand that navigating the process of selling your classic car and getting the best price for it can be intimidating. You'll need good pictures of the car, a nicely written description and a good advertising strategy to put you classic car in front of people who might want to buy it. And we know that…Read More

  8. Do You Commute from Morgantown? Park at Spacemall!

    One of the most interesting thing I noticed when last we went to Morgantown was the number of commuters who are willing to leave their cars parked along I-176 while they catch a ride into the city. Just to be clear, we totally support the idea of car pooling. Parking in the city is expensive and we do have a planet's health to consider. But the idea of parking along side the road and leaving my ca…Read More

  9. How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Storage

    Thinking about storing your summer car for a few months until the salt is gone and the sun is shining? Here are a few things you should do before storing a car inside. Use up the Gas If you ever had a gas-powered lawn mower or other small engine, you know that gasoline doesn't age well. To avoid having to flush the fuel injectors when you bring the car out of storage and to decrease the risks of s…Read More