Storage Unit Oaks

Here at Spacemall Storage, we offer indoor car storage and outdoor car parking, but you can’t keep you car in a storage unit.

We understand the appeal of putting a car in a storage unit. It’s a private space where no one else can access or even see you car, unlike our indoor car garages. However, there are a few reasons why it’s less than optimal for you and can’t be done at 422 Spacemall Storage.

Our storage units have wooden floors

Some storage facilities have storage units that are built directly on concrete slabs, so putting you car in a storage unit there is no big deal. No matter how heavy the car is, or if it leaks, it’s on concrete, do it isn’t damaging anything.

Our storage units are built about five inches up off the ground and have a wooden floor. This design helps keep your items stored inside better protected against the outside elements, especially from water that is trying to get in. Our units are unlikely to flood because they are several inches off the surrounding pavement.

But the thick plywood floors are not right for car parking. Smaller vehicles, like motorcycles and ATVs can be stored in our storage units because of their weight, but cars are too heavy and too potentially damaging to the building.

Our storage units are wider than they are deep

Some storage facilities have 10′ by 20′ units that are 20 feet deep, just like a single car garage, making them ideal for parking a car inside. Ours are 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep, so there’s simply no way to pull your car through the door and into the unit.

Our indoor parking is less expensive!

The best reason not to put your car in a storage unit is that parking in our climate controlled indoor garages is less expensive. A 10′ x 20′ storage unit is $165 a month plus tax. but parking your car inside the garage at Spacemall Morgantown is just $100 a month! Why would you put a car in a storage unit when you could save yourself almost $75 a month by parking inside the climate-controlled garage?

Putting a car in a storage unit isn’t always a bad idea, but here at Spacemall, in Oaks and Morgantown, we have a better option.

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