It’s that time of year again when we all start thinking about what we’re going to be doing differently in the new year. And while many of us have a few things around the house that we can easily trash, recycle or donate, sometimes the issue is that your house simply isn’t big enough to store all of the things you need.
That’s where we can help.
Here are some quick ideas on using a storage unit to help declutter in the new year:

1) Pack away seasonal items. Right now, it’s probably your Christmas and other holiday decorations that need to find a place that’s not smack dab in the middle of the living room, but if you’re like me, those are not the only holiday decorations that you’ve been looking to stash. Whether its pumpkins and skeletons from Halloween or leftover Easter baskets, you probably have more holiday decorations than space. Now’s the best time to pack them up into well-labelled totes and boxes and bring them to your storage unit in Oaks or Phoenixville.

2) Hide the extra clothes. Almost every parent I know saves hand-me down clothes from one child for the next, but keeping them in the back of the closet just adds to clutter in the house and something else those kids can get into and make a mess with. And, ladies, if you’re like me, you probably also have one or two (or more) outfits in your closet that are waiting for you to fulfill that other resolution and lose just five more pounds to make it look great.

Stop hiding them in the closet! Pack those clothes in your suitcases, which are just taking up closet space until you need them for vacation, and bring them over to your storage unit.

3) Create Christmas in July! Chances are your children just got a bunch of new stuff for the holidays and have far too many toys, cluttering their rooms, the living room and pretty much all the joint space in the house. Now’s a great time to pack away some of those older favorites and move them to storage. Then, this summer when boredom strikes and the kids are asking for new toys, you can bring out the ones you have in storage, giving them something to do during summer vacation while saving you some money. This is also a great time to store away seasonal toys, like sand buckets and inflatables, that they simply can’t enjoy this time of the year.

4) Put away your roasting pan. Most of the big family dinner holidays are done until Easter, so now’s a great time to put away that big roaster you use just for Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas roast beef. The extra serving platters and bowls you need only for large family gatherings and even your good china can get packed away until the next time you need it. By packing away your extra dishes, you make you kitchen much more comfortable for the stews and soups for the winter months and protect those delicate dishes that you’re saving for the future.

The best thing about de-cluttering your home is that you don’t have to do it all at once. Start small, with just the kitchen or the kids’ rooms and progress from there. Whatever your storage needs, when you’re out of space, 422 Spacemall is your place!