No one wants to think about someone breaking into their car, home or storage unit, but it happens.

So you take precautions to make your property less attractive. When you park your car, you park under a light pole. You lock the doors and put valuables in the trunk. Or, at least, you should.

Police routinely, every holiday season, warn people to make their home look occupied to prevent break-ins. Have someone collect your mail while you’re on vacation, throw boxes for new expensive purchases away not in your curbside garbage pickup, and avoid creating spaces, like hedge rows, near the house where intruders could lurk. You might even invest in a home security system.

But what are you doing to discourage thieves in your storage unit?

The first things you should do are obvious: Pick a facility with good security. Here at 422 Spacemall in Oaks, we have gated access to the property, security cameras, a well-lit facility and the managers live on the property. Those are just a few of the things we do to help deter criminals. Our cylinder locks are another anti-theft measure.

However, we still rely on your good sense to help keep your belongings safe.

Always Lock Your Storage Unit.

That might seem obvious, but we have seen people who leave it unlocked while they run home for a second load, run to Wawa for coffee, or head to Lowe’s for more packing supplies.

Keep Your Gate Code to Yourself.

Our security measures work better with your help. If you let someone else borrow your code, they may feel free to share it with someone else. Just like your email password, once you share it, you never know how secure it will be.

Yes, your code lets us track who comes in and out of the facility, but if you share it with others, you may face some pretty tough questions about what they do.

Pack Your Valuables in the Back.

If you need to store a computer or television or other valuable, it can be tempting to store it close to the door, so you can grab it easier when you need it.

Unfortunately, that’s a bad idea. The few times I have seen a storage unit burglary, the thief was always looking for items that were easy to turn in to quick cash. Things that are in the front of the unit are easy for them to grab too. Especially if your valuables could easily be pawned, hide them in the middle or rear of your storage unit.

Pay Attention.

We’d all like to believe that the person across the aisle is kind and good and chances are, they are. But just in case it’s better to be discrete when storing items of high value. If the criminals think your storage unit is full of your kids’ summer clothes and beach toys, they’ll go looking for an easier target.

As always,w e do our best to keep our customers here at 422 Spacemall safe, but taking a few steps to help us out can be best for your safety.