It sometimes surprises people when we tell them that businesses are among our biggest customers. Usually, they’ll think about it for a minute or two and say something like, “Oh, you mean the lawn care guys who park their vehicles there?”

Sure, that’s some of it. We have lots of contractors and lawn care companies who use our self storage facility to store their gear and extra vehicles, but that’s only the beginning. At 422 Spacemall and Spacemall Morgantown, we also have businesses that store their trade show displays, seasonal decorations and more. We have restaurants that use our storage facility to store extra tables and old refrigerators. We have food trucks that store their vehicles on our lot. And, today, we got a shipping container full of motorcycle helmets for one of our biggest customers, Badass Helmet.

That’s right, as of today, there are about 11,000 motorcycle helmets stored at Spacemall!

While Marix Stone and Badass are one of our larger customers, they are by no means unique in the way they utilize Spacemall.

Like any growing business, they need a place to receive their shipments and send them out to their dealers.

So why use a self-storage facility as your distribution center?


When Stone and Badass first approached us about storing with Spacemall, they hadn’t ramped up production quite to the delivery level we saw today. Stone has strict quality controls and inspects every helmet before sending it to a customer or dealer. From that first meeting just over a year ago, Stone has been a regular presence at 422 Spacemall, expanding by leaps and bounds.

This was partially possible because he didn’t pay for space he didn’t need. While he eventually needed 3,000 square feet, he could start with just 400 square feet and expand as the business required.


At Spacemall, we understand that our business customers have different access needs than a residential customer. Whether it’s meeting a truck driver before we open in the morning or staying late to send a shipment via UPS, Spacemall is willing to work with our customers to help their business run as smoothly as possible.

For our business customers we’ve been known to accept packages, print shipping labels or just share our wifi password to make life a little easier.


At Spacemall, we don’t care if you’re storing your grandmother’s China, your futon from college or motorcycle helmets. We don’t raise the price on business customers. And, we’ll bill your company credit card or wait for your accounting department to send us a check.

Our business is designed to help your business succeed!