There are a variety of reasons why people choose to store a car, boat or RV with 422 Spacemall or Spacemall Morgantown. If you’ve been wondering if Spacemall Storage is right for you, or just driven by and seen our acres of vehicles and wondered why people pay to park here, we have the answer.

Homeowners Associations and Township Regulations

One of the most common reasons people choose outdoor parking storage at Spacemall is because of the community they live in. Whether it’s an HOA or the local township, often there are rules or laws that prevent home owners from parking their RV, boat or extra vehicle in front of the house or street side.

Additionally, many neighborhoods have tree-lined streets or very narrow streets which make navigating a large vehicle difficult or even dangerous. Neighborhood trees can scrape or damage the roof on RVs and driveways designed for single cars may be steep and awkward for towed vehicles.


Depending on where you live, parking your RV, boat or extra car at Spacemall Storage may be very convenient. With a space rental at either of our locations, you can avoid needing to drive your oversized or towed vehicle on Interstate 76, sticking to larger and easier to drive roads like State Route 422 or the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Since towing a vehicle or driving an RV is going to consume far more fuel, parking your recreational vehicle outside the city and closer to your destination may save as much in gas as you spend in storage fees.


Whether you store indoors or outdoors at Spacemall, chances are your vehicle has more security than it would have at home. Your vehicle is behind either a locked door or a locked gate and surrounded by security cameras. Most of us simply can’t boast both of those at home.

In addition, Spacemall Storage has a good working relationship with local authorities, so we know that police patrols of our neighborhood happen on a regular basis.


Sometimes you need to store your car simply as a matter of space. Maybe you need the garage for your daily driving car or you have a small driveway. Or maybe, the car you need to store isn’t drivable at all. The township likely won’t let you park it outside without insurance, inspection and license plates, but it can’t pass inspection. We can help.

These are just some of the reasons to store your vehicle at Spacemall Storage. No matter what your personal reasons might be, we’ve got the space to make it happen.