Moving can be a stressful time. Between selling your old home, finding a new home, and all of the potential problems in between. The good news is that storage units can help take much of the hassle out of your transition. So whether you are coming to Oaks or relocating, 422 Spacemall has you covered.

    • Making Repairs – Over the years your home has probably acquired some wear and tear. Painting walls, finishing floors, and making general repairs is easier without having to navigate your possessions. Store your things safely out of the way with local self storage.
    • Showing Your Home – When showing a home you want it to look put together, but not cluttered. Remove everything but the main furniture pieces and a few key items to give your home a cleanly occupied look. Everything else should be safely hidden from site.
    • Finding Your New Home – Not everybody knows exactly where they want to live. Sometimes the best thing to do is to test the waters and explore an area before deciding what neighborhood you want to live in. There’s no point in lugging around all of your stuff while you search for the place you will call home.
    • Between Homes – Not everybody is fortunate enough to have their new home ready at the same time that they sell their old home. When your home sells first, were here to help fill the gaps. Keep your belongings safe and secure with climate controlled self storage.

Contact 422 Spacemall today to take the hassle out of moving and keep your possessions safe.