1. Where do you store? Location, Location, Location

    The old adage in real estate is that the three most important things are location, location, location. The same can be said about storage facilities. There are a lot of things you should look for in a storage facility, as we have mentioned here when we talked about why you want a local storage facility not a big chain and here when we told you what to look for in a storage unit. But for many p0eop…Read More

  2. Safe, Lighted Fleet Parking in Morgantown and Oaks

    In the 21st century, many businesses are finding they can no longer rely on customers coming to them. So from traditional in-home services like plumbers and HVAC techs to the local pet groomer, fleets of business vehicles are becoming more and more common. As a business owner, you might not want your employees taking their company vehicle home every night, but you also might not have a business ad…Read More

  3. Warm Storage for Cyclone Bomb Storms

    With every storm it seems like the weather forecasters find the need to invent new terms to make the storm even more serious sounding than the last one. This time, it's a "cyclone bomb" and it's going to hit tonight or maybe tomorrow. Admittedly, I'm no weather forecaster, but the gist of this storm seems to be that a hurricane-force storm developed in the Gulf of Mexico and then ran smack dab int…Read More

  4. Winterizing Your Boat? Say No and Save Money

    Depending on the size of your boat, winterizing it every fall and then getting the antifreeze drained and the engine primed to go again in the spring can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Sick of fighting shrink wrap or losing your boat early in the season so you know you have a winterizing appointment? We can help you change that! In addition to making rooms for classic cars and sho…Read More

  5. Local Storage Options: Why Locally-Owned Beats National Chain

    Finding local storage options can be difficult when the web seems to be dominated by national chains, but a nationally owned chain can't be that bad, right? Well... That depends on what you are looking for in a storage unit. If all you want is a place to hove your stuff, a national storage chain is probably fine. But if you want a storage facility that cares about you and your stuff, you might be …Read More

  6. Why Can’t I Store My Car in a Storage Unit At Spacemall?

    Here at Spacemall Storage, we offer indoor car storage and outdoor car parking, but you can't keep you car in a storage unit. We understand the appeal of putting a car in a storage unit. It's a private space where no one else can access or even see you car, unlike our indoor car garages. However, there are a few reasons why it's less than optimal for you and can't be done at 422 Spacemall Storage.…Read More

  7. Top 20 Muscle Cars Need Indoor Car Storage

    Do you have one of these Top 20 muscle cars or another American classic? Where do you store it? Many car collectors are careful to keep their cars in the garage during the winter months, hoping to keep salt and chemical deicers from damaging the paint or encouraging the development of rust, but what about during the summer months? Do you keep your car as protected as possible? Climate controlled c…Read More

  8. Selling Your Classic Car? Spacemall Can Help

    Spacemall Morgantown is partnering with Classic Automall to help you sell your classic car! We understand that navigating the process of selling your classic car and getting the best price for it can be intimidating. You'll need good pictures of the car, a nicely written description and a good advertising strategy to put you classic car in front of people who might want to buy it. And we know that…Read More

  9. Why You Might Need Temporary Parking at Spacemall

    Do you have a teen graduating from high school this summer? A college graduate coming home before heading off to her first real world job? A wedding or reception taking place at your home or just out of town visitors coming to visit for part of the summer? Any and all of these are reasons you might need temporary parking at 422 Spacemall or Spacemall Morgantown. While we obviously cater to those w…Read More

  10. Choosing Parking for Your Recreational Vehicles

    With spring deciding to ignore the groundhog and come to eastern Pennsylvania a little early, many of our customers are thinking about bringing out the RVs and boats. When the sun starts shining, it can be hard to remember that it's only the beginning of March. As you begin to think about where you might be camping and boating this season, now is the time to also think about where you'll be parkin…Read More