1. How to respond when flood waters are rising

    Eastern Pennsylvania has taken a beating from the rain this summer and the hits just keep coming. Last month, Hershey Park and Knoebels Amusement Resort faced flash flooding at the height of the summer tourist season, forcing the parks to close and vacation to be changed. Yesterday, the King of Prussia mall was inundated with flash flood waters on the lower level and though the water wasn't deep i…Read More

  2. When Disaster Strikes: What Do I Do?

    No matter where you are in the United States, or maybe in the world, you can face some kind of disaster. Whether it's four Nor'easters in four weeks, flash flooding, hurricanes, or just a broken sewer pipe in your apartment, disasters strike, usually at the worst possible moment. That's probably why we call them disasters. Just today I was speaking with a new tenant who needed storage because of a…Read More

  3. Self Storage and Winter Storms: What to Expect

    Winter storms are a way of life in Eastern Pennsylvania, and late openings or two hour delays for the school day are commonplace. But do you know how to deal with your self storage facility during a winter storm? Here are things you need to know about winter storms and self storage: 1) If other businesses are closed, you self storage facility probably is too. Facilities like ours, where the manage…Read More

  4. Warm Storage for Cyclone Bomb Storms

    With every storm it seems like the weather forecasters find the need to invent new terms to make the storm even more serious sounding than the last one. This time, it's a "cyclone bomb" and it's going to hit tonight or maybe tomorrow. Admittedly, I'm no weather forecaster, but the gist of this storm seems to be that a hurricane-force storm developed in the Gulf of Mexico and then ran smack dab int…Read More

  5. Evacuating Ahead of Hurricane Irma: Take Your RV

    With the largest mass evacuation in American history taking place, one of the most encouraging things to see ahead of Hurricane Irma is how various organizations are coming together to make the evacuation easier on their friends and neighbors. Evacuating Florida, or elsewhere on the southern East Coast to avoid the super storm as she comes ashore? Don't worry about finding a camping spot. Talladeg…Read More

  6. Disaster in Houston: How You Can Prevent Losing Your Stuff in a Natural Disaster

    As the country is gripped by images of the flooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey and trying to come up with the best ways to aid our friends and neighbors there, evaluating your own preparation for a natural disaster is timely and appropriate. Here at Spacemall Storage in Oaks, we're lucky enough to sit on a ridge and probably not in any immediate danger of flooding. But if you aren't storing …Read More

  7. Vehicle Storage for Military Members

    When military members are facing deployment to an active combat zone or just to an overseas base, the last thing you might be thinking about is where to keep your car while you are out of country. But as the day of your departure draws closer, keeping your car safe and in good condition until your return can suddenly occur to you. When that happens, we're here to help! Spacemall Storage is happy t…Read More

  8. Choosing a Lock: Best Measures for Storage Unit Security

    Customers don't always think about the lock for their storage unit other than a vague idea that they need to stop and buy one. When we explain that customers must use the locks we provide, and that there is an associated cost, customers sometimes bristle a bit. That's my cue to explain how choosing a lock creates better safety for your storage unit. All locks are not created equal. Many people thi…Read More

  9. Five Things Worth Paying to Store

    It's not uncommon for finance gurus to tell people that there is never a reason for a storage unit, but there are good reasons to pay for storage when your house is just not quite big enough to keep the things you need. Here are five things worth keeping even if you have to pay to store them. 1. Anything You Will Use Again within 6 Months One of the single most common uses of storage is to have a …Read More

  10. Mistakes People Make In Hunting For Storage Units

    No one likes to think about the possibility that they made a mistake in hunting for a storage unit, but sadly many people do. Here's a look at the top five mistakes people make and how to avoid them. 1. Making Initial Price Your Determining Factor We get a lot of calls from people who say, "Your competition offers the first month free. Do you do that?" and I almost always answer, "No." For many pe…Read More