After a little bit of sleet and snow on Saturday night, it’s fair to say that winter weather is definitely raising it’s ugly head in the Phoenixville-Oaks-Collegeville area. And according to Chris Stevens at East Coast Weather Watch, we might be in for significantly more of the white stuff than we saw last year.

Or, maybe about the same amount, just not in the big burst we got last year. That’s the hope anyway. Chris is the first to tell you that meteorologists can’t give you long-term projections on whether we’ll see a blizzard or not, but his best analysis of all the models is that were in for a wet winter. Now whether we see that as cold rain or buckets of snow is anyone’s guess, but the smart money is on prepping now for a lot of white stuff.

So, the first question, of course, is are you ready for winter? That means you’ve sent your boat or convertible to Spacemall Morgantown for a nice climate-controlled winter hiatus and stowed your patio furniture in one of our nice and dry drive up storage units. If you’re an RVer, it means you’ve drained all the water lines and given them a nice mix of antifreeze to keep the spring thaws from meaning a soaked camper.

We’d like to encourage our outdoor parking customers to stop by and put a cover on your vehicle for the winter. Just be sure, when we have crazy winds like we saw this weekend to stop and check that your cover is still in place. If you are one of the many contractors who uses the Brower Avenue lot year-round, we invite you to let us know that you’ll need access to your vehicles or your units no matter what the weather. We’ve been talking snow with our plowing contractors, looking for the best ways to make sure that you can access your stuff as soon as possible after the snow flies.

And if your snow blower or salt bucket is buried underneath all that extra stuff in your garage, give us a call. We can rent you a place to store that stuff so your garage can be used for the important things this winter, like your wife’s car.