For a small business owner, growth can be a terrifying and difficult proposition, but renting a self storage unit may be one way to alleviate some of the issues.

Your small business may benefit from renting a storage unit if:

Space is one of your constraints.

Especially for retail outlets, space for added inventory or to expand the product lines you offer may be at a premium. Retail space is expensive as commercial property managers are demanding top dollar for locations where traffic is going to positively impact your business.

But in most cases, renting a nearby storage unit can give you the added space for seasonal inventory fluctuations, to add more inventory or just to keep your overstock. Your storage unit can also be a valuable place to keep seasonal decorations or signage for annual sales, saving you the cost of rebuying or reprinting materials.

Your small business may benefit from renting a storage unit if:

You are out of the office on job sites all day.

One of the top reasons our contractor customers give for renting storage space is that we accept deliveries on their behalf. Whether it’s a manufacturer dropping off building supplies to their storage unit or FedEx delivering the contract they need signed today, small businesses can benefit form storage offices that are open normal business hours and willing to accept packages on their behalf.

Just a word of caution, before renting your storage unit, ask the facility if this is a service they offer and if there is an additional fee for accepting packages. Be sure to also get any restrictions regarding the size or number of packages the facility can accept.

Your small business may benefit from renting a storage unit if:

You are in that in-between size. Many commercial real estate agents don’t want to talk to you if you aren’t renting at least 2,000 square feet, but sometimes your business isn’t quite ready for that level of commitment. When you have outgrown your home-based office, but aren’t in a position to commit to a large monthly overhead, a storage unit may be a good interim solution. Most storage facilities rent month-to-month and can provide a variety of sizes of space.

Here at Spacemall, we have dozens of small businesses than have some or all of their operations based here. From plumbers to radon specialists to Bad Ass Helmet, our business customers count on us to help them succeed.