Do you have a teen graduating from high school this summer? A college graduate coming home before heading off to her first real world job? A wedding or reception taking place at your home or just out of town visitors coming to visit for part of the summer?

Any and all of these are reasons you might need temporary parking at 422 Spacemall or Spacemall Morgantown.

While we obviously cater to those who need long-term parking options, we’re happy to work with you when you need a few extra parking spaces for a week or a weekend — like when you have the whole family coming to visit for your teenager’s graduation ceremony and only two extra parking spots.

Or when your college student brings home her car from college and needs a place to keep it until she sells it because she’s moving to the city and doesn’t need a car any more.

While our standard rental period is for one month, if you are having a special event and need to store the family cars off-site for the weekend to let your guests park in the driveway, call us. We are flexible about meeting your parking needs. And, if you have relatives coming to visit this summer, be sure to tell them they can leave their RVs with us and stay in the guest room.

When you need parking, for a year, a month or even just a couple days, call us. We can help.