Things are starting to get busy at the all new Morgantown Center (formerly the Morgantown Outlet Mall).

In the southwest corner of the mall, for example, there’s an all new fenced in section for car, boat and RV storage.

This weekend, January 14 and 15, Eagle Arms is hosting a gun show there. You can get all those details here and elsewhere inside the old mall, we’re storing cars. From muscle cars to century-old classics, cars are replacing the old furniture stores.

So why should you store your car at the Morgantown Center with Spacemall Morgantown?


Our car hauling and handling team has the expertise you need to trust that your car is in good hands. With decades of car handling and storing experience, the Morgantown team can find you the perfect spot to let your car shine under the mall lights or hide safely under its cover until you are ready to take it out again.

Spacemall Morgantown plays host to a private collection of more than 200 cars and collections of one. No matter how large or small your car collection, we can find you indoor or outdoor storage space to meet your needs and desires. Want to keep your cars in a private area where you can access them, hang out and watch the game on TV or work on your cars? Call us. We may have just what you want.

And if you are that gal or guy whose collection just keeps growing, we can help. We offer multi-car discounts just like your insurance company. But one car or one hundred, we’ll treat each one as if it were our own.


Sure, there are other places where you can park your boat or RV and even other places with indoor storage for your car, but the Morgantown Center is less than a mile off the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Exit 298) and is easily accessible to state routes 23 and 10. Morgantown is a crossroads community and an easy drive from Philadelphia, Lancaster and Harrisburg. For your recreational vehicle, it’s an easy jaunt to hop off the Turnpike, pick up your boat and head anywhere in the region. No dealing with two lane highways and back roads to some off the beaten path storage facility. Our new facility is convenient and easy to access.


At Spacemall Morgantown, you can be sure that your vehicle or boat is safe and secure. No gravel lots or dark fields for your vehicles. In the well-lit lot of the Morgantown Center, your vehicle will be safe behind out secure vinyl fencing, not even visible to most people. With a paved, lighted and fenced area for outdoor parking, we are confident in our security. And for those priceless restoration projects, your prized ‘Vette, or heirloom antique, we offer the additional security and protection from the elements of parking inside.

Storing your vehicle at Spacemall Morgantown is quick and easy. We can make the arrangements with one easy phone call to 610-650-0200 and you can drop off your car today.