Where do you store?

The old adage in real estate is that the three most important things are location, location, location.

The same can be said about storage facilities.

There are a lot of things you should look for in a storage facility, as we have mentioned here when we talked about why you want a local storage facility not a big chain and here when we told you what to look for in a storage unit.

But for many p0eople the ultimate choice is made based on location.


Because if you find a cheaper storage facility but it’s miles from where you are, how often are you going to use it? If you need something from your unit, how easy is it to go grab it?

Here at Spacemall, we pride ourselves on our easy accessibility. That means we have prime locations!

In Oaks, we’re less than a mile off PA Route 422 and convenient to King of Prussia, Collegeville, Phoenixville and more. We’re just off Egypt Road, so there are well-maintained good roads to get your stuff or your car, boat or RV to our facility. No long-winding backroads to get to us — unoless you want to take a drive through Valley Forge Park and if you do, we can give you directions.

The facility is two blocks from the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and convenient to Lowe’s, BJ’s and Target, so if you need to go shopping, attend an event or just drop the kids off at Arnold’s Fun Center while yo organize your storage unit, we’ve got a great location for that.

In Morgantown, we’re on Route 10 just minutes from Exit 298 off the PA Turnpike. Interstate 176 and State Route 23 all lead to Morgantown and our classic car storage there.

Between our two locations, we’re convenient to a large section of southeastern PA. From either of our facilities, hitting the road with your RV is a piece of cake. Call us and we’ll show you why location, location, location is so important.