With every storm it seems like the weather forecasters find the need to invent new terms to make the storm even more serious sounding than the last one. This time, it’s a “cyclone bomb” and it’s going to hit tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Admittedly, I’m no weather forecaster, but the gist of this storm seems to be that a hurricane-force storm developed in the Gulf of Mexico and then ran smack dab into some really cold temperatures. The collision between the two created an explosive storm that moves and looks on radar sort of like a hurricane. But hurricanes are warm-weather things, so this is a cyclone.

Where the bomb drops in our area is completely dependent on how close the storm gets to the shore. It’s lookinhg bad for Delaware, New Jersey and points north and maybe not so bad in Oaks and Morgantown. But the forecasters say that bomb could be off target and we could get walloped with snow and frigid wind chills. We’re definitely getting the cold winds.

Since Mother Nature hasn’t been shy about bringing us cold this winter, well before the new year started, many of you have already buttoned up your boats and cars for winter storage. But if you haven’t, today is a great day to do it.

At our Morgantown facility, we have just a few indoor car and boat storage spots left available for riding out the storm. In Oaks, our car storage is full, but we have plenty of warm, indoor storage for the other things that you might not ant to get blown away. Want to hide your deck furniture or summer toys from the plastic-cracking cold temps? We can help.

Personally, I recommend that you bring in cars and boats, pets, and yourselves as wind chill temperature drop below zero. If you do have to be outside, dress in layers for warmth and stay out of the wind. Whatever the cyclone bomb decides to bring us, be safe and be prepared. And call us if we can help!

Spacemall Storage is available at 610-650-0200.