When military members are facing deployment to an active combat zone or just to an overseas base, the last thing you might be thinking about is where to keep your car while you are out of country. But as the day of your departure draws closer, keeping your car safe and in good condition until your return can suddenly occur to you.
When that happens, we’re here to help!
Spacemall Storage is happy to announce that we can help.
Beginning in September, 2017, Spacemall Morgantown will not only offer a place to keep your car stored inside, but also a service to start your car up, move it and run the systems twice a month.
So why would you want the additional expense of having your car started and driven while you are gone?
Moving Your Car Prevents Flat Spots in Tires
Leaving your car in one place for months on end can be bad for your tires. The spot where the tire is sitting on the cement floor of your storage space can develop a flat spot, leading to hazardous driving conditions when you first arrive back in country.
Moving the car on a regular basis, helps keep your tires uniformly inflated and prevents flat spots.
Gas goes bad
Anyone who owns a gas-powered lawn mower will be the first to testify that gas left sitting in a tank for even a few months can draw water condensation and create problems for your internal combustion engine. Additionally, starting the car on a regular basic helps keep the engine oil distributed through the working parts, helping to prevent engine lock up or seizure when you restart the car.
Preventing damage to hoses
The hundreds of working parts in your car’s engine need to remain lubricated to prevent dry rot. The hoses, especially those connected to your cooling system, are especially susceptible to damage from sitting. By starting up the car on a regular basis, your car circulates the fluids to keep those hoses moist and safe for driving your car when you return.
For more information about the startup service at Spacemall Morgantown, call us! We’ll be happy to discuss the best care for your car.