Moving can be one of the single most stressful events a person faces, but there are ways to make the move a little bit easier.

The first step is to downsize as you prepare to move. Take a good look through the house, the garage, and even the storage shed to determine what things will be necessary or useful at your new home. Now’s the time to get rid of those clothes that are too small, the fondue pot you got as a wedding gift but never used, and all those things you’ve been saving because you might need them someday.

Moving companies charge you by the weight and volume of the things you are moving, so reducing what you are taking will save you money. Even if you are doing it yourself, less stuff means less strain on your back and your wallet.

Next, it’s a good idea to start with off season items. For example, if you are moving in the summer, pack your winter clothes, winter sports gear and Christmas decorations first. This is a good time to repair or replace damaged item. You’ll also want to check to see how things that are already stored are packed. Investing in bubble wrap and appropriate boxes can help you avoid breaking things in the move.

As you start to box things up, consider renting a storage unit to use as a move staging area.

This serves multiple purposes. The first is that it allows you to keep the moving boxes out of your living space. If you are trying to sell your current home, this is an important part of staging. If you are a renter, removing the moving boxes from sight can help you get some much needed relaxation on days when you aren’t actively packing. Why add to your stress with boxes reminding you every second of the coming move?

The second important advantage of staging your move in a storage unit is that it gives you a better idea of how much stuff you will need to move. Moving companies and truck rental firms base their estimates of how much space you will need on averages. If you have significantly more or less than the average two bedroom house, you may need a bigger, or smaller, truck. With your moving boxes in a storage unit, you can get a better visualization of how much space you need.

The third advantage is that it allows you to start cleaning the old residence as you prepare for the move. That can make your final move out day much less stressful. The fourth advantage, comes into play on the day you actually move.

Next, pack the things that you are unlikely to use again before you move. Whether it’s your good china, the roasting pan you only use for Thanksgiving turkey or the artwork off the walls, pack the things that you don’t use frequently. While you are packing things, make certain to label each box with its contents. If you know where you are moving to and what the new house looks like, consider also putting a note of which room the box belongs in. This will save you enormous amounts of time as you unpack.

In the last days leading up to your move, you should only have your everyday use items and your large items, like furniture, left in your old residence. Whether you are packing a truck yourself or hiring movers, using a storage unit to stage your move all the large items that need to go on the truck first will be together. Once they are loaded on the truck, the boxes can be positioned around the furniture to fill the space most efficiently.

If you are thinking of moving, planning a move, or need to stage your house for sale, call us at 422 Spacemall Storage. We can help you de-stress the moving process.