To preserve the life and longevity of your car, whether it’s brand new or a sweet classic, there are a few things you must do. Here are three summer car care musts to preserve and protect your car.

Keep it Clean

Sure, you plan on taking the car on some road trips this summer and bugs happen, but one of the most important things you can do for your car’s exterior is to treat it to a nice wash and wax.

Bird droppings and insect smudges can create just enough damage to the paint to start the decline on your car’s exterior. Given enough time, in the wrong locations, they can even be a foothold for rust.

When you wash your car regularly, you remove dirt, grime and bug guts that can lead to microscratches and paint damage. Adding a coat of wax after the car is clean helps protect it the next time bugs come flying at you.

Keep it Hydrated

You know, of course, that your car needs fuel to keep it running, but in the summer, it’s especially important to check the car’s other fluids levels. Start with an oil change and new oil filter. Heat can cause your oil to break down or just change the way it flows if it’s dirty or old. Changing your oil at the beginning of the summer season helps to make sure that you’re engine is performing its best.

Then, while you’re under the hood, check the other fluids. Coolant will help keep your air conditioner running at peak condition on these 90-degree July days as well as keeping your car from overheating. Checking the brake fluid for summer stopping power is also vital.

Keep it Energized

While prepping your car for the summer, make sure to check the power of your battery. The summer heat can be devastating to a battery, evaporating off the battery fluid. Summer driving often also requires more power from your battery as the air conditioning kicks into high gear.

Bonus tip: Keep it inflated.

You car’s tire pressure should be monitored closely in the summer. After all, no one wants to end up on the Pennsylvania Turnpike with a blown out tire.

Rapid changes in temperature can lead to fluctuations in your tire pressure, so keeping an eye on your tires can help keep you safe for your summer road trips.

Summer car care is easy if you just follow these three (or four) musts. Each of them will help you protect your car and keep it on the road.