Do you have one of these Top 20 muscle cars or another American classic?

Where do you store it?

Many car collectors are careful to keep their cars in the garage during the winter months, hoping to keep salt and chemical deicers from damaging the paint or encouraging the development of rust, but what about during the summer months? Do you keep your car as protected as possible? Climate controlled car storage may be the answer you didn’t know you were looking for.

While most everyone understands the potential damage of winter driving and winter road treatments, a lot of otherwise careful car enthusiasts forget about the potential damage from the sun’s UV rays. Those same sunshine-filled days that make it perfect to take the top off the convertible or cruise with the windows down can also be doing a number on your paint.

Just like your skin, your paint is susceptible to the sun’s UV rays and gets damaged and old-looking before it’s time when your car spends too much time in the sun. The UV rays will start to oxidize the paint, making it look chalky, faded or even dusty.

Hiding your car under a tree or a carport during the hottest parts of the day might help some, but then you have to worry that the birds who are also hiding from the sun will contribute another problem to keeping your paint fresh — bird-droppings.

Instead, consider planning to store your classic car or daily driver at Spacemall Morgantown or Spacemall Oaks in our climate controlled vehicle storage. Our heated and cooled parking garages offer remote access systems that allow you to get your car when you’re ready to take it out for the day and bring it back, safe from the sun’s harmful rays, when your trip is done.

Simply keeping your car out of the elements can extend the lifespan of your paint job by years and keep your car looking its best. Isn’t it worth it to protect your investment?