With Labor Day marking the semi-official end of summer, many people in the Oaks and Phoenixville area are thinking about bringing their RVs home from the mountains or the beach and storing it for the coming fall and winter.

But with home owners associations and apartment complexes that forbid having your RV parked outside, where do you look for parking?

At 422 Spacemall Storage, we have wide traffic lanes and two different sizes of RV spaces to meet your needs. And, we know a little bit about storage. So, are you ready to prepare your RV for the winter?

Drain the water tank and lines

Pennsylvania has dozens of freezing and thawing cycles in a typical year, so the first thing you need to do is drain the water lines and water tank. Adding the right type of anti-freeze can also help prevent finding burst pipes when you break it out for the first trip of the spring. Once you are done with your RV for the season, making sure it is clean and moisture-free can help make reopening it in the spring much more pleasant.

Make any needed repairs

Remember when that low-hanging branch scraped your roof or some kid at the campground broke out your tail light? Whatever damage the season did to your RV, fix it now. First, you’ll want to be ready to go in a hurry in the spring, when the cabin fever is making you crazy. Don’t get delayed by needed repairs.

Second, those little nicks and scratches can be places for water (in the form of snow and ice) to accumulate and cause major damage. Along the same line, make sure that you take the time to clean the exterior of your RV to avoid long-term damage from road dust.

Finally, inspecting your RV for minor damage can help you find the places where small rodents and insects might try to squeeze in. In addition to taking all the edibles out of your RV for winter, consider spraying it with a broad spectrum insecticide to keep out spiders and other unwanted best.

Find a great storage space

At 422 Spacemall Storage in Phoenixville, we understand that being able to access your RV during the colder months to brush the snow off the roof, charge the battery and simply make sure it’s safe is important to you. Our paved parking lot is plowed and maintained all year long so that you can get to your RV when you want to.