In honor of national motorcycle week and summer coming to a close, we will be discussing how you can prepare your motorcycle for self storage. Whether you are looking to store your dirtbikes, sport bike, or cruiser, the same advice holds true. So grab your gloves and a wrench, and let’s get started.

Drain Your Fuel Tank

While some people argue that you should fill your tank when storing it, storage units require that you empty your tank before storing. A tank full of a combustible fuel is, if nothing else, dangerous and emits an odor that we do not want permeating all of the surrounding units. This will also prevent your fuel from separating; becoming stale.

Check Coolant System

While this mostly applies to new bikes, it can be applicable across a variety of motorcycles. Make sure your motorcycle isn’t leaking coolant or any fluids for that matter. If you haven’t changed your coolant in a while, do so to ensure you bike works properly when you take it out of storage.

Air Up Your Tires

Tires slowly leak air over time, and if they aren’t full they will most likely go flat while in storage. This will leave you with a bike that has been sitting on its rims for an extended period of time. Save your tires, and fill them up before locking up your unit.

Remove Your Battery

Like your tires, your battery will slowly discharge while it is in storage. While we suggest removing the battery and hooking it up to a battery maintainer, we have also had luck with simply disconnecting the battery to prevent it from draining fully.

Whether you are putting away your dirtbikes for the winter or placing your streetbike in storage while you go on vacation, 422 Spacemall in Oaks has the vehicle storage units you need. Contact us today for availability and to reserve your self storage unit today.