Over the weekend, we saw freeze warnings for Oaks, Phoenixville and Collegeville, so that means just one thing: It’s time to put away your grill and outdoor furniture.

While the leaves along 422 Spacemall between Oaks and Collegeville are turning gold and red, many of us, me included, have been fighting the coming cold weather and trying to pretend it wasn’t on the way. But the freeze warning makes it official, winter is coming. The best thing you can do to protect your patio furniture and grill for next year is get them out of the weather before the freezing rain and snow hit.

Here are some tips for safely storing your grill and patio furniture:

1. Clean it up. For your grill, remove any charcoal or the propane tank. Scrape the grill and wipe the metal clean. For outdoor furniture, wipe cushions down with a mild detergent and then make certain they are dry. Patio umbrellas should be checked for damage and dampness. Make certain they are dry and in good repair before folding it up for the winter.

2. Treat it nicely. Put a thin coating of mineral oil on the exposed metal of your patio furniture and grill to help prevent moisture accumulation and rust. For wood patio furniture, consider taking the time to treat the wood with paste wax or polish to help seal it against the elements. Check all your patio furniture and summer toys for damage and do any necessary maintenance before you put them away for the winter. You’ll thank yourself for having it already to go when spring comes back to us.

3. Contact us! At 422 Spacemall Storage, we have plenty of driveup storage units available for your patio furniture, grill, pool equipment, lawnmower and more. When you use our storage units, you keep your garage free for the really important things, like keeping the snow and ice off your car!