While the winter season is exciting with the upcoming holidays and family gatherings, it can also be very stressful. If you have been tasked with hosting Thanksgiving dinner or are providing a room for your in-laws, even a large home can quickly become too small of a space. For most of the year, your guest room might actually be your home office or even a child’s old bedroom, but visitors, even those staying short periods of time, require storage space for clothing and some privacy. If you have holiday plans that involve visitors, you may consider a self storage unit to reduce stress and prevent headaches.

Guests staying an extended period of time are going to need closet space for their personal items, so consider cleaning out the guest room closet and placing the items in storage. Place your items in well labeled tubs and consider using clear plastic containers to help stay organized. If you’re cleaning out an office for temporary living space, be sure to take special care with your documents and electronics by using well-sealed containers. If you take a few extra moments to organize before putting your items in a self storage unit, you’ll save tons of time when you reset the guest room for its typical use.

Another idea to consider is keeping a guest room setup in your self storage unit and switching these out for the holidays. This works great if you annually host the same events because you can pre-pack room decor and holiday-themed items. Your guests will feel especially welcomed to see snowmen and sleep in a full size bed instead of falling asleep on a pullout couch next to piles of paper from years ago! With our drive up storage units, swapping one room for another is more feasible than ever.

Whether you’re hosting your first holiday visitors or have been prepping that turkey for your in-laws for a decade, contact 422 Spacemall Self Storage to help us make your holidays less stressful by expanding your guest room options.