At 422 Spacemall, we offer storage solutions for people of all walks of life. Over the years, we have encountered many collectors who have gotten the most out of our facilities, helping them to make room for everything at home. Here are a few of the types of collectors we serve:

Records It seems hard to fathom today, but people’s music collections used to take up huge amounts of space. Today, vinyl records are highly collectible, but they are also heavy and bulky. For those record collectors who can’t bear to part with their beloved music, but who are running out of room at home, our climate-controlled storage units are the perfect solution.

Books Many people have amassed entire libraries of books on everything from fiction, philosophy, entertainment, history, psychology, and science. Another type of asset that tends to be very heavy and space-consuming, books can easily be stored and accessed at our drive-up storage units.

Art Prized masterpieces, while adding beauty and intrigue to one’s home, can also create a cluttered look when there is too many of them. Why not keep some of your paintings, sculptures, and other art curiosities with us? You can periodically switch out the art you choose to put on display in your home, thereby maintaining a rotation that would be the envy of any museum!

For any and all collectors, 422 Spacemall has the solution you’re looking for. Enjoy more space at home without having to part with your most prized possessions. Contact us today!