Because winter clothing is so much bulkier than summer clothing, most people do not consider a self storage unit for their summer wardrobe. However, once the snow starts falling, there’s not much need for shorts or T shirts, not to mention swimsuits and beach towels. Additionally, the winter holidays often include lots of decorating, and putting warm weather items in storage for the winter can help prevent feeling overcrowded during the snowy season. So, whether you’re already renting a storage unit or want to start in order to have more space in the winter months, here are four tips for summer clothing storage.

1. Store the most distant seasonal items at the bottom

Unless you’re planning a winter escape to the beach, there’s little need for bikinis and board shorts to take up precious drawer and closet space all winter long. Pack these items first, followed by spring apparel like seasonal sports shirts. Don’t forget to wash and thoroughly dry your apparel first, and consider placing dryer sheets between the layers to keep your clothes smelling fresh (and ward off pests!) all winter long. When Opening Day comes, your baseball tees and shorts will be ready to go.

2. Use multiple smaller boxes instead of one large container

It might seem easier to throw everything in one large tub, but consider smaller containers. You could group items based upon their use (beach clothes, shorts, etc.) or have each family member fill their own container. This allows quick access to things you might need for a small period of time, like a winter trip out of town,without having to dig through items you don’t need yet. Small boxes are also easily stackable in our self storage units, so you won’t have to worry about wasted space.

3. Use see through containers with labels

Along with avoiding one large box labeled “Summer Clothes”, consider using clear containers that are obviously and specifically labeled. Looking for “Kids bathing suits” instead will definitely save you time.

4. Call Us!

If you’ve already using 422 Spacemall Self Storage for your winter clothing, you should consider keeping your climate controlled storage unit year-round. Or, if you’re looking for extra space in your closets to prepare for holiday decorating and family visits, we can help free up space all winter long. Let us be your winter storage solution.