Now that March is here and the sun is shining (at least for today!), my mind is moving to spring cleaning and organizing. Here at 422 Spacemall Storage in Phoenixville, we’re happy to help you keep your stuff more accessible and your house clutter-free with an indoor or outdoor storage unit.

One of the key aspects of spring cleaning is getting rid of the winter’s clutter that accumulated around the house. For us, that meant cleaning up the hobby room and organizing the things we created over the cold days of January and February. And moving that stuff to the shelves of our storage unit.

Many people don’t think about adding shelving to their storage units to make them more useful, but doing so can increase the available storage space. In our unit, we use the free-standing plastic shelving available at BJ’s. The five shelf unit makes it easy to see at a glance what I have stored and where. The things I wanted to store get sorted into plastic totes, to protect it from spiders and other creepy crawlies who are looking for a new spring home, and then labeled with painter’s tape so that I can easily see what is in each box without opening it up.

The shelves not only let you stack things higher, they also make sure that the stuff on the bottom isn’t crushed by the weight of the things on the top. Ideally, you’ll put the heaviest items on the bottom shelves, but if you forget, the shelves will help protect that delicate glassware on the bottom.

Most types of free-standing shelving are going to be acceptable in storage units, but it’s a good idea to avoid placing shelves against the wall. You’re also likely violating the terms of your lease if you attach anything permanently to the storage unit.

And if it’s your driveway that needs spring cleaning, we can help with that too! We have outdoor parking for boats, RVs and even that extra car.