Spacemall Morgantown is partnering with Classic Automall to help you sell your classic car!

We understand that navigating the process of selling your classic car and getting the best price for it can be intimidating. You’ll need good pictures of the car, a nicely written description and a good advertising strategy to put you classic car in front of people who might want to buy it.

And we know that you could just list the car yourself on Craigslist and hope for the best, but when your car is special, you need marketing experts. That’s where the team at Classic Automall comes in. The team is dedicated to helping you find the right buyer who will appreciate your classic whether it’s fully restored or ready to be someone’s new restoration project.

We also know that you might not want a bunch of people traipsing through your garage to check out the car or want to field calls from dozens of people who have no real interest in buying the car. Classic Automall can help you sort through the callers who just want to look, show off your car and then call you when it’s time to make the sale.

We’ll even store your car at Spacemall Morgantown while it’s for sale, allowing the sales team to show off your car without bothering you.

No more trying to work out your schedule with the buyer’s or giving up all your free time to try sell your classic car. Call Spacemall Morgantown at 610-650-0200 or Classic Automall at 888-227-0914 to make arrangements to sell your car.