One of the great advantages of retiring is that you no longer have to plan vacations around your work schedule. The downside is that you sometimes have to plan travel around the demands of your house.

An interesting new trend in some retirees is to divest themselves of their house entirely. These retirees, often those who have just reached retirement age, decide that they want to see the country, spend extended vacations in warmer climates, or spend extended time with their children and grandchildren. Most do this by purchasing an RV or camper and hitting the road.

But even after substantially down-sizing, many find that they have too much stuff to carry with them in the RV. Whether it’s winter clothes and winter sporting goods, or family mementos that they want to keep but not cart all over the country, snowbirds and other traveling retirees need a place for their stuff.

That’s where we come in. Whether it’s furniture you want to hold on to for your new home when you tire of travel or just a closet-sized space for off-season clothes, climate controlled storage gives you the option to hold on to the things you want to keep while letting go of the things you don’t like lawn care and property taxes.

For Collegeville, Phoenixville and Oaks residents thinking about hitting the road, the best option is to decide what you think you will want when your travels come to an end, even if you don’t need it right now. Then come and see us to determine how big a space you need.

You have the option for autopay so that you don’t have to think about your storage unit while you are exploring the Grand Canyon and choosing an email communication option instead of using the U.S. mail will help you keep up with happenings back here. With convenient 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily access to the climate-controlled facility, you can stop by when you’re in the neighborhood and then hit the road again when you’re ready.

For tips on how to pack for long-term storage, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help.