Because our job is customer service, I pay a lot of attention to what kind of service I get at other businesses. A follow up call, listening to customer suggestions, and a host of other small things can help a business earn my loyalty. That led me to thinking about what it takes for me to earn the loyalty of my customers.  I figure listening and considering their suggestions for improving our services is one good way to start.

So, recently we had an RV customer make some suggestions about additional options he would like to have. His suggestions would definitely impact the business, so now I’m wondering if other customers have the same requests.  you don’t have to be a Spacemall customer to comment with an answer, but if you do rent from us, please note that in your comments.  It makes it much easier to determine what the demand is for these additional services.  Please answer one or all of the questions below and send your answers to me at I promise we are listening to what you have to say!

1) Would you be interested in covered RV storage if it were available at a premium price?

2) Would you like Spacemall to provide electrical hookups for RVs, if you knew the cost of the electricity would be added to your bill?

3) If Spacemall provided a sewage dump station and/or a water station at a nominal cost, would you use it?

4) What other services for RVs would you like to see at Spacemall?

And, for the things we can’t help with, here’s an online RV directory to help locate all your RV needs:

RV Resources Directory The RV world at your fingertips.