Storing your boat for the winter can be expensive, especially if you are paying someone else to perform the winterization process and keep it in a climate-controlled facility. A much more cost-effective option would be to winterize the boat yourself and store it with us at 422 Spacemall, where we have ample room for boat and RV storage in Oaks, Pennsylvania. Here are some things you’ll need to pay attention to:

Engine  Your engine should be thoroughly cleaned, inside and out, before storing it for the winter. Change the oil, replace the filter, and make absolutely sure there are no leaks. Remove the spark plugs and flush the engine with antifreeze.

Fuel Tank  In order to prevent condensation, some manufacturers suggest filling the fuel tank and adding a fuel stabilizer. Others suggest just adding stabilizer to whatever amount of fuel is already in the tank, since ethanol fuel may spoil anyway. Consult your manufacturer’s instructions to determine which method is best for your boat.

Stern Drive Make sure all plant life is removed from the stern drive and lower unit. The gear case should be drained, and the lower unit should be thoroughly cleaned. All fittings should be adequately lubricated.

Once you’ve winterized your boat for the season, bring it by our vehicle storage lot and leave it with us until it’s time for another summer of boating fun. 422 Spacemall has the RV storage solution you’re looking for, offered at a reasonable monthly rate. Contact us today to reserve your space!