Camping is one of the great American summer activities, and Pennsylvania has no shortage of places to take your family to enjoy a weekend in the beautiful natural settings that our great state offers. And there’s no doubt that using an RV camper is far more convenient than having to deal with setting up a tent that provides minimal protection against wind, rain, and cold. Instead, you can simply pull your camper with everything you need already in it, right where it belongs. But as great as a camper can be at the campground, it can be a real eyesore parked on your street or in your yard.

422 Spacemall of Oaks has the solution for those who just don’t have the room for RV storage on their property. Store your RV camper with us over the winter when it’s not being used, and save your front yard for family enjoyment. We also offer year-round RV storage, allowing you 24-hour access to your camper whenever you need it. That way, the only time you have to see your camper is when you’re actually using it. Our vehicle storage lot offers large spaces with wide aisles for fast, easy access to your RV.

Your RV is meant for enjoyment, not for causing you stress as you struggle to store it on your property. Let 422 Spacemall take that stress away while still allowing you to use your camper whenever you’re ready for an adventure. Our RV storage lot is conveniently located at The Marketplace at Oaks Center to offer you easy access whenever you need it. Contact 422 Spacemall today to learn how affordable our RV storage can be!