One of the most common questions we get about our parking facility is how we keep it safe.

We have a number of precautions in place to help protect our customers who park a small tow-behind vehicles on our property. The first line of defense is the gate and the fence. Because we have a gate with electronic access, we know that you can’t get on the property without a gate code. And our gate software tracks each code that it logged in and when.

Ever notice those “No tailgating” signs and wonder why? We work to prevent vehicles entering the lot without entering their gate code so we have an accurate record of who is on the lot and when. If you follow the guy in front of you without punching in your code, we’re missing that record.

Thankfully, we have others. We have security cameras that monitor the activities on the lot, including a camera that is dedicated specifically to who comes in through the gate. It’s another way we have of knowing who was on the lot and when.

My desk also faces the front window, so even when I’m working on things like this blog, I see who’s coming and going.

We also learn to recognize vehicles that should be on the lot. If you get a new tow vehicle, you might notice us watching you a little more carefully until we begin to associate the tow vehicle with a face we recognize.

However, even with all out precautions in place, we recommend that you take some minor steps to protect your RV or boat as well.

First, we recommend a hitch lock. Even the smallest and cheapest hitch locks can act as a deterrent for a lazy criminal. They may not want the effort involved in cutting your hitch lock or may be afraid they’ll be noticed if they break out the bolt cutter. (They would be.)

Second, we ask that you never, ever share your gate code with anyone else. Having movers come to help you move into your storage unit? Ask us about a temporary code that we can have expire at the end of the day. Meeting family members or friends for a day on the lake? Meet them at the gate and let them in, or meet them somewhere off the property. The fewer people who have access to the lot, the greater the safety for everyone.

Third, let us know if you are changing vehicles. If we’re paying attention to an unfamiliar tow vehicle that turns out to be legitimately on the lot, we might be distracted from something that doesn’t belong.

We do our best to make sure your RV or boat is safe at the Spacemall facility, but a little help from you goes a long way toward ensuring everyone’s property is safer.