Enclosed and climate controlled storage available now!

When it’s 90 degrees in Phoenixville in October, it can be hard to think about the coming frost. In fact, you’re probably still enjoying your patio furniture, not thinking about putting it away for the year.

The lilacs are still trying to bloom and just this morning, beautiful blue morning glories were singing to the sun. But while the flowers, and the people, are trying to desperately hold on to summer, winter is coming. Meteorologists say that the region typically sees its first frost before Halloween — two weeks before in fact. Closer to the I-95 corridor and the heat island of the city you might be able to hold on a bit longer, but Phoenixville, Oaks and COllegeville usually see their first frost by October 15.

So, you have just about two weeks to say goodbye to the patio furniture and start putting away your summer gear for the fall.

Have you figured out where you’re going to put it?

Sure, you could put it in the garage. You won’t mind not having room in there for the car, right?

Once that argument is over, come see us at Spacemall and we’ll find you the perfect space for all your summer gear — lawnmower, patio furniture, motorcycle or even your convertible. We have space to store just about anything and not lose your garage to the relics of summer.

When you get ready to store, here are some tips you might want to consider:

For your lawnmower and other machinery, drain the fuel and top off the oil. Put machine oil on all the exposed metal parts to help prevent rust from the winter condensation. If you’ve been having mechanical issues with your mower, hedge trimmer or other lawn maintenance equipment, get it repaired now. You’ll beat the spring rush and be ready to go when the spring rain stops and you have a lawn to mow.

For patio furniture, wipe it all down with a disinfectant to prevent winter mold and mildew. Oil the metal pieces to prevent rust. If you are storing it in an outdoor unit, adding a desiccant to pull the moisture from the air can help you extend the life of your investment.

We have space available now, but it might not last long. Don’t wait until there is frost or snow on the ground to plan for the coming winter.