Spring break is right around the corner and with an early spring in much of the country, it may be the perfect time for a family RV camping trip. Here are the things to consider when planning your spring break trip:

Choose Your Destination Carefully

Even with Pennsylvania days reaching the 60s and 70s in the last week, the nights have been pretty cold. And, really we all want to head south for warmer weather for spring break, don’t we?

Start by checking the weather forecast and making sure that the RV heater is in good shape for the cooler nights. This is also a good time to call ahead and make sure the RV camps where you usually stop when heading south are open for the season. Then, take into consideration who else is likely to be enjoying spring break at your destination. If you don’t want to be surrounded by college students letting of steam, you might want to avoid areas like Daytona Beach and South Padre Island. Consider lesser known beaches where you’ll have time to enjoy the sun and sand without all the public intoxication.

Plan Your Activities

Spring weather tends to be a bit more unpredictable that the weather in mid-June, so make sure you have back up activities planned in case of bad weather. While family bonding in the RV can be fun, nothing spoils a family vacation faster than living on top of one another with no escape for the entire week.

It’s also a good idea to pack games, books and other entertainment for the whole family for both the time you are on the road and the time the weather traps you inside the RV.

Don’t Forget It’s Still a Camping Trip

Even though it’s spring break and maybe not as beautiful outdoors as your summer RV camping adventures, it’s still a camping trip! Make sure to include typical camping activities in your agenda too, including s’mores over the fire or burgers on grill.

The joy of a spring break RV camping trip is that it will probably cost you far less than any other type of family spring break vacation and gives you a chance to get the dust off your RV. And after a winter spent indoors, doesn’t everyone want to hit the open road?