1. What is Climate Controlled Storage?

    One of the questions that I ask potential customers that sometimes leaves them stumped is, "Do you need climate controlled storage?" Many people just say no, thinking this is an attempt to upsell them to something more expensive than what they actually need, but a few of them ask what climate control storage is and why they might need it. There are several reasons why you might opt for climate con…Read More

  2. How Much Storage Space Do I Need?

    One of the most frequent questions I hear when people rent a storage unit for the first time is "How much storage space do I need?" There are all kinds of charts and graphics on various self storage websites the claim to tell you exactly what size storage you'll need based on how big your house is or how many boxes you are planning to store, but the truth of the matter is no one really knows. I li…Read More

  3. Where do you store? Location, Location, Location

    The old adage in real estate is that the three most important things are location, location, location. The same can be said about storage facilities. There are a lot of things you should look for in a storage facility, as we have mentioned here when we talked about why you want a local storage facility not a big chain and here when we told you what to look for in a storage unit. But for many p0eop…Read More

  4. Storage Wars:Why some storage units are more valuable than others

    One of the most common questions first time storage users have ask is, "Will my stuff end up on Storage Wars?" The best answer is, "Not if you pay your bill on time," with a friendly smile. But the reality is that some people either because of circumstances like a lost job or a death in the family or through their own neglect do end up in our version of Spacemall Storage Wars. We hate to do it and…Read More

  5. Ready for Spring:Declutter Your Closet In Five Steps

    If you're at all like me, your winter closet is nothing like your summer closet. In the summer, clothes are lighter, thinner and in many cases, much more casual. In the winter, I need bo9ots and scarves and extra sweaters and by February, my closet is a mess. I want to have some lighter weight clothes available for those pop-up warm days, but I still need access to the layers of tights and wool so…Read More

  6. Don’t wait to tackle spring cleaning: three tips to make it easier

    Like everyone in the Philly region, we've been a little obsessed with football lately. Now, the big game is less than two weeks away and even though it's not really spring, a lot of us are thinking about spring cleaning before we invite guests over to watch the home team win the big game. So, today we're going to tackle spring cleaning to get the house or apartment ready for that super party where…Read More

  7. Self Storage and Winter Storms: What to Expect

    Winter storms are a way of life in Eastern Pennsylvania, and late openings or two hour delays for the school day are commonplace. But do you know how to deal with your self storage facility during a winter storm? Here are things you need to know about winter storms and self storage: 1) If other businesses are closed, you self storage facility probably is too. Facilities like ours, where the manage…Read More

  8. Safe, Lighted Fleet Parking in Morgantown and Oaks

    In the 21st century, many businesses are finding they can no longer rely on customers coming to them. So from traditional in-home services like plumbers and HVAC techs to the local pet groomer, fleets of business vehicles are becoming more and more common. As a business owner, you might not want your employees taking their company vehicle home every night, but you also might not have a business ad…Read More

  9. Warm Storage for Cyclone Bomb Storms

    With every storm it seems like the weather forecasters find the need to invent new terms to make the storm even more serious sounding than the last one. This time, it's a "cyclone bomb" and it's going to hit tonight or maybe tomorrow. Admittedly, I'm no weather forecaster, but the gist of this storm seems to be that a hurricane-force storm developed in the Gulf of Mexico and then ran smack dab int…Read More

  10. Car Condo or Automotive Apartment? Whatever You Call it, We Have ‘Em

    To the hobbyist car collector, the one with a daily driver that just needs a home for the winter, indoor car storage like we offer at Spacemall Morgantown is just about perfect. We offer heated storage so the car is protected from the ravages of Old Man Winter in a large space, with each car comfortably parked in its own spot. The garage is accessible with unique pin codes for every person who ent…Read More